Engineering a climate positive future

reduce, avoid & capture carbondioxid

As a scientific institute, the icnmp is dedicated to the great social challenge agreed in the Paris Agreement on Climate Protection: decarbonization. The research goal is finding technical innovations that secure our ecological livelihood. Technical progress in harmony with nature.

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icnmp is an institution of SPITZNER ENGINEERS GmbH
Hermann-Blohm-Str. 3 / 4. OG 20457 Hamburg
phone +49 (0) 40 3570 41 240

Research projects of icnmp

  • PiB
    • Predictive intelligent operation management to reduce the risk of icing on wind turbines, funded by BMWi
    • Using secondary effects of a wind turbine to generate an air stream in the blade tip area an conditioning of the wind turbine interior, funded by BMWi
  • TransWind
    • Transdisciplinary end-of-life analysis of wind turbines for the development of optimized techno-echonomic re-use strategies, funded by BMWi
  • CliMa
    • Increasing efficiency of room air systems by active separation of CO2 from the circulated air
  • EliVir
    • Elimination of virus contamination from indoor air by means of adsorption of water
  • GreenLight
    • Eco-efficient, smart development and production of lightweight solutions for the mobility of the future
  • LISA
    • Thermal-acoustic cabin insulation and architecture for 2025+
  • WtM
    • CO2 separation from the ambient air with the help of wind turbines for decentralized methanol production – basic development
  • DAC-Cluster
    • Establishment of a European scientific and technological network for direct air capture